{Review} The Secret by Julie Garwood

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Our Rating: four-stars
It is the late 12th century and lovely Lady Judith Hampton is making plans to leave her home in England for a dangerous journey to Scotland. She is keeping a childhood promise to attend her dearest friend, Frances Catherine, in childbirth. But Judith has a private reason for visiting the Highlands: to locate the father she has never known.

Nothing has prepared Judith for the sight of Iain Maitland, Frances Catherine's brother-in-law, the Scottish warlord who comes to escort her to his land. The Laird of his clan, Iain is the handsomest, most compelling man Judith has ever met.

Though he finds Judith as stubborn as she is enchanting, passion rages between them from their first kiss--and grows into a love so great that he fears for their future together... for her father's identity is a devastating secret that could shatter the boldest alliance and the most glorious of loves!

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