{Review} Lipstick on His Collar by Brigid Coady

Pages: 10
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Our Rating: one-half-stars
The third book in The Kiss Collection, an exciting new series of short stories from Brigid Coady & HarperImpulse.

Kassiah: The idea for this quick little novella is a good one:

*Please note this is a short story, approx. 1000 words in length designed for reading on your mobile phone or tablet.*

Call me spoiled, but I believe that you can write story in just a thousand words, so I didn’t like this one at all.

It has a great set-up and an interesting storyline.

Mesmerised by this man, my boss, who crackled with energy and was almost larger than life. He had a mind that raced ahead of everyone else’s. And he couldn’t stop thinking about me.

Coady’s words are descriptive and beautiful, but the abrupt open-ended non-conclusion wasn’t for me. I haven’t read the other stories in this series, and perhaps they are all intertwined. I have no idea, and don’t care about these characters enough to find out.

I guess I need more than a handful of pretty words.

Report Card
Overall: 1.7

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